Monday, October 26, 2015

[Modern] Very Casual Myr Deck

Playing this deck is like feeding a kitten to a tiger but not because of the deck itself, only that everyone in Just for Fun is playing really strong decks. The deck plays very well for kitchen table, and I have these cards in real life (IRL).

In this game, I gained a lot of life, and was poised to slowly grind down my opponent. They gave up.

Why does everyone who play green have to play a Primeval Titan?

Here I lost against a really strong black deck.

I was doing well until my opponent's infinite combo took over: sacrifice to indestructible to trigger Blood Artist.

Here is the 'drop lands for 2/2 zombies' Zombie Infestation combo deck.... anyways. I love Myrs and look forward to playing this deck on my kitchen table. Some day I would like to have someone to play against who will also be playing a kitchen table deck. Currently, no where in MTGO can I do that.