Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kaladesh Online Prerelease Sealed: The Games 1 of 2

Or, should I say, the losses. I started with a White/Red deck.

First hand, first game, first match.

I paralyzed one of my opponent's creatures with the new Pacifism (Revoke Privileges)

My opponent was able to swing for the win.

Second game, same deal. I lost my first match.I got mana screwed in this one. Look at all those awesome creatures stuck in my hand.

I remade my deck as White/Green.

I cast my Angel of Invention and buffed it with Kujar Seedsculptor.

My opponent played a Saheeli Rai that could ping me for 1 damage turn after turn.

I had a reasonable board position here.

But trying to keep Saheeli Rai from its ultimate drained me.

I think I was down to 3 life here.

Here is a screenshot of the one game I won. I had an overwhelming position.