Saturday, October 29, 2016

Solitaire VIntage: Saheel Rai Build-around

This shell is the easiest way for me to see Saheel Rai at work.

Only in Vintage.

Here I use the -2 ability to make a second Thran Dynamo. There are two types of artifact replications that I see this planeswalker helping with: a high power artifact creature you just cast, or a mana rock artifact that allows you to cast something a turn early.

Here, I use that extra mana rock to case a Wurmcoil Engine one turn earlier.

In that same game I was able to set up a really strong position very early.

That first build needed more Jace, the Mind Sculptor, and it needed more card draw. In some games, I was able to cast one big artifact creature and then I would sit there waiting for something else to come out.

Now we are talking. A solitaire turn 1 only possible in Vintage.

Here is a great early game state.

And turn 4 I can copy one of my creatures for the win.

With Foundry Inspector, I can bring out my artifacts faster.

Here is a solitaire turn 2 where I copied a Sol Ring to cast Foundry Inspector.

And when I copy a Foundry Inspector, I can cast several artifacts at a discount.

Here is great solitaire turn 5 state thanks to copying Foundry Inspector.