Sunday, September 20, 2015

BFZ Review Part 17: Other Spells (White plus one Blue Spell)

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Here is the final batch of cards. I am still looking for more jewels.

Angelic Gift: could be useful in Limited. "Draw a card"-I need to remember that.
Felidar Cub: good in limited if there were lots of enchantments as there were in Theros block.

Courier Griffin: obligatory Griffin for Limited. Could be in the life gain deck in casual.
Felidar Sovereign: a reprint, and the build around for the mega gain life deck that I think some will try in Standard, and it could even become a thing.

Fortified Rampart: limited Wall and another Wall for the Assault Formation deck.
Ghostly Sentinel: evasion in Limited.

Gideon's Reproach: removal in Limited.
Inspired Charge: limited battle trick.

Kitesail Scout: evasion in Limited.
Lithomancer's Focus: limited battle trick, narrow on account of colorless protection.

Quarantine Field: mass Oblivion Ring.
Roil's Retribution: very useful in Limited, not sure if in Standard on account of it being a 5 drop.

Smite the Monstrous: removal in Limited.
Stasis Snare: it only applies to creatures, but it has Flash. In battlecruiser Standard this card will be a must-have.

Shadow Glider: evasion in Limited.
Tandem Tactics: limited battle trick. 

Stone Haven Medic: if only there was a Kor lord or spells that cared about Kors. Since not, this is a Soulmender for one more casting mana and to add insult to injury, you need to pay one mana to activate the lifegain. With Soulmender, you get the life by just tapping! Reverse Power Creep poster child (I am OK with this, I love Battlecruiser Magic).
Dampening Pulse: love it, must play it. A little heavy at 4, but in blue/green Modern I can use mana dorks to drop it one turn earlier. I think it could be good in Limited, and I am definitely sticking into a few Standard decks.

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