Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Eldrazi Part 5: Blue Casts (and a Black one)

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This is to me the most exiting range of the new Eldrazi. Blue is the color of Vintage and Legacy. Although I don't see any obvious Vintage and Legacy cards in Battle for Zendikar, casual play is not bounded and any of these cards can be played in these older formats Just for Fun.

Cryptic Cruiser: relatively cheap tapping effect, yet needs to feed from some other card's exile action. Good in Standard. Adverse Conditions: a little expensive yet it will tap and generate a token. Good in Standard.

Benthic Infiltrator: I am playing this one all over the place. I can equip it in Modern and hit for unblockable AND Ingest at will. Murk Strider: good enough in limited but a heavy cast in any other format and it needs to feed off the exile pile.

 Drowner of Hope: ETB fun card. Great to pair with Avacyn Restored flicker effect cards in a casual cube. Two tokens at such a high casting cost reads fringe in Standard. No matter how good a rare is, unless it has a game-ending effect, when it costs 6 mana or more it becomes quite challenging to put it to good use in Constructed. It does read like a Limited bomb, especially with the tapping effect.  Sludge Crawler (here to fill this post): Great limited card, especially late game with lots of mana laying around. Ingest feeds the exile zone. Also opportunistic for Ingest if early casted without opposition.

Mist Intruder: Evasion in limited with Flying. Can be a good way to feed the exile zone. Weak otherwise. Horribly Awry: great spell in a deck that uses the exile zone and best in a creature heavy format like the current Standard. There are many decks in Modern and the older formats that play a few or no creatures, and against those this card would be dead in the hand.

Eldrazi Skyspawner: Limited evasion ETB card for the casual AVR cube.  
Incubator Drone: Limited ETB card for the casual AVR cube.

Salvage Drone: Could be opportunistic and score an Ingest first turn unopposed. Otherwise a chump blocker or sacrifice outlet to black and a way to fill the graveyard via discard. I would put it in a Grixis control deck in Standard and take it for a spin. Oracle of Dust: this card is at best a limited bad pick, but against a deck abusing Delve and if you need good stuff in your graveyard, you could do that a lot at 2 mana a pop.

Spell Shrivel: Mana Leak for this set. I wonder how well this re-balancing will play out: costs one more mana, yet forces opponent to pay one more mana, and feeds the exile zone for your own effects. I like it. Ulamog's Reclaimer: if it was a 2-drop I would play it everywhere. As a 5-drop, its AVR cube fodder because of the ETB effect. It feeds from the exile zone instead of feeding it.

Best for last: these two are going to be a ton of fun in Standard just as was the case with the white black Warrior half-lords from Khans of Tarkir. Tide Drifter: a good low cast wall that can protect your other creatures from Lightning Bolt. Ruination Guide: the aggressive one. Its easy to bolt as is the case with other 2 toughness lords.

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