Wednesday, September 9, 2015

[Standard] White Green Casual Enchantments part 2 of 2

Here is the decklist and a few early games:

In this post I show three wins. The deck can be a little annoying for opponents because once it gets going it is very difficult to stop as long as your opponent is playing a creature-heavy deck. A low creature count control deck is not a good matchup for this deck.

Here is game 1

My opponent has an early advantage.

Here I have gulped two creatures.

Here I am up to four temporarily-exiled creatures.

And with Pacifism I can stop creatures that don't have nasty triggered abilities.

By this late in the game I am trying not to mill myself, and was able to recycle my graveyard once.

My opponent gave up at this point.

Game 2

My opponent gave up after I gulped a couple of Goblins.

Here is another deck from a different opponent to game 1 featuring a pair of Savage Knuckleblades.

By this time I am worried about generating my 4/4 flyers in the number needed to overwhelm my opponent.

I have three flyers but need to watch how much life I am at.

Now I have chump blockers and my opponent gives up.