Saturday, September 19, 2015

Old and New Eldrazi Part 6: Black Casts

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Rise of the Eldrazi had casual Eldrazi Drones in Black, Red, and Green (Jund). Here is the lone black one. It would be interesting to make a deck that generated Spawns and Scions and used both to cast a big Eldrazi. There must be a most efficient way to do this, and maybe one of the ROE drones can help that mission succeed.

 Here are the new ones.

Complete Disregard: great exile zone feeder, especially in Limited.
Dominator Drone: nice ETB effect for the cube with AVR. Otherwise a solid Limited card that can fill the exile zone.

Culling Drone: Ingest bear. 
Grave Birthing: Would be a lot of mana to drop a token that needs to feed off the exile zone except for those awesome three words in a row ("Draw a card"). Solid in Limited.

Grip of Desolation: a little heavy for an exiler, yet in Standard or Limited it can exile an Awaken land. I see this card as an auto-include in Constructed once the correct and most lethal combos come out using Awaken. Silent Skimmer: Evasion wall in Limited. It can attack for no damage and hits opponent for 2 life, which can be useful if said opponent cannot block it.

Mind Reaper: Limited play that needs to use the exile zone. The ETB effect is perfect for a cube with AVR. Smothering Abomination: with a way to drop a top of tokens, say in Green/Black, this card could be really awesome. "Draw a card." Enough said. I am loving Green/Black in limited if I pull one of these.

Wasteland Strangler: Needs to feed off the exile zone, and if it does, it has a very good ETB effect.
Swarm Surge: Limited battle trick.

Skitterskin: cheap regenerator. Could be useful by someone who knows how to abuse it.
Transgress the Mind: this is a great card. I am calling it that this is our new Inquisition of Kozilek. It cost one more, but it exiles.

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