Monday, September 7, 2015

[Standard] White Green Casual Enchantments part 1 of 2

I am not playing the net deck. This brew is "mine, all mine." I don't even know what the net deck looks like in full, but I know it uses the Starfield of Nyx enchantment because I have lost many games to it. This deck tries to be a little faster than the net deck. Drop Sigil of the Empty Throne as soon as possible for winning fun.

Here is a win against white weenies. In the early stages it looked like I was going to lose.

But once the combo gets going, the 4/4 flyers come out as a bunch. Even though I was down by life count, my opponent conceded ahead of what clearly was going to be a lot of 4/4 flyers. 

Here is a win against the blue red artifacts deck now doing well.

I hit with my flyer and took hits from Ornithopter.

But my opponent realized that I could keep removing creatures and gave up.

Here is a win against Elves.

As long as I can temporarily exile big critters I am in business.

Here is a win against a Jund deck.

Flyers poised for the win: gg.

This win was very difficult because I could only use two creatures.

I economized by using Bestow on my 4/4 flyers.

... for the win: gg.

Here is a link to me playing even more of this super fun deck: