Sunday, September 20, 2015

BFZ Review Part 18: Other Spells (rest of Blue and Black)

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OK, not giving up on the hunt for cool cards.

Cloud Manta: evasion in Limited.
Anticipate: a not so anticipated reprint (the art rocks, though), and a very good card in Limited and Standard.

Dispel: solid reprint. Good in Limited, Standard, and the older formats.
Windrider Patrol: solid with Scry 2, a nice pick in Limited and can go into many Standard decks.

Ugin's Insight: and after you Scry 20, your opponent hits you with Ingest critters. Great card, but has a lot of competition in this set. I do like the 'draw three cards' part a lot. A solid rare I think.
Tightening Coils: great art, nice effect in limited, a good pick there.

Altar's Reap: Innistrad reprint, great card in this format for Black/Green Eldrazi Scion shenanigans.
Bone Splinters: hey, didn't we get this as a reprint just now? Well, I guess in the new Standard, every "Expert Level" expansion has a mini core set in it.

Demon's Grasp: limited removal.
Dutiful Return: limited creature replay.

Geyserfield Stalker: should be fun in limited even if it will likely not be a top pick.
Malakir Familiar: OK in limited, OK in Standard? I would make sure I was gaining life in Standard all the time to play this Bat.

Vampiric Rites: a jewel, a must-have, and a key addition to a deck playing Ajani's Pridemate and Bloodbond Vampire.
Voracious Null: could get big in White/Black tokens, but I don't see easy sacs in this set in mono black. Maybe good in Green/Black Limited.

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