Friday, September 4, 2015

[Standard] Origins Simic - Bounding Krasis

This deck took a single shot to build and worked from the start. Of course, a play set of Kiora-now that she is a $2 planeswalker on her way out of Standard-is a big help! Bounding Krasis supports Kiora well in a Standard with lots of creatures.

Kiora is fairly easy to ultimate, and this is my strategy in most games: drop a protected Kiora quickly and race to the ultimate.

Here is a winning end of game state.

I lost against a very well built Exploit deck using a bunch of cards I am not familiar with: Sidisi, Undead Vizier, Sidis's Faithful, Qarsi High Priest, Sultai Emissary, Mirror Mockery. I was forced to sacrifice every turn and just could not outrace the Dictate of Erebos. Also, I only had two Naturalize main deck. After this game, I built a sideboard and added the other two Naturalize and even more enchantment hate.

I just kept losing my critters and did not want to trigger more sacrifice by blocking.

It was a valiant effort on my part!

But to no avail...

In this game my opponent probably realized they couldn't survive a Kiora ultimate.